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Hello Neighbors

This has been a very busy summer – lots of comings & goings!  Aside from a persistent heat wave, it’s been beautiful here on Spa Creek, with lots of kayak, paddle board and boat traffic.  You may have noticed the new fishing boat with the aqua shark fin on top that brings people over to the shore near the Truxton dock – don’t know what they’re catching but they seem to be having a good time!
Most of these projects have required dealing with contractors and/or vendors – and over the summer, turnaround time has been much slower than usual.  We thank our neighbors for their patience while the Board & Committee volunteers continue to work toward improving our community.

Here’s what’s been happening at Shearwater – many thanks to all the volunteers who have made these accomplishments possible!


New Mailboxes Ordered:  Eric Petterson led the investigation into replacing our old mailboxes, and after several delays from the supplier, the new mailboxes should be delivered to MMG by the beginning of September.  After MMG puts on the new unit number labels and tests the keys, they will schedule a date for handing out the keys and coordinate the de-installation/installation of the mailboxes with the US Postal Service.  [This will complete the highest-priority project in the Transformation Evaluation list!]

Parking Lot Refurbished:  In July we contracted to have a company reseal and repaint the lines in our parking lot.  That work was completed in two days and we’ve had comments from several residents that it’s a big improvement over the old surface.  Thank you to Maryan Cummins for working with MMG to plan and oversee this work, and to all the residents who moved their cars ahead of time so there was minimal delay while we contacted the remaining car owners.  The only glitch was that the paving company did not let MMG know until the day before the work was done that the new cement parking stops had not yet been delivered!  They have been promised in September.  When they do become available, MMG will send out notices of the installation schedule, which will also include touch-ups that have been identified on specific areas.  NOTE:  this will require cars to be moved again so they aren’t damaged when the cement parking stops and rebar are installed;  if you aren’t going to be here on those days, please make sure a trusted neighbor has your car key!  [This effort will complete FOUR of the 30 projects in the Transformation Evaluation list!]

Marina Underwater Study Completed:  Following the general Miller-Dodson replacement reserve study conducted in September of 2015, a more detailed evaluation above and below the waterline was done in our marina to document the marina configuration and report on the condition of the facilities.  David Densmore and the Marina Committee worked with a local company to conduct the evaluation and the results are in review now.  The results of this study will help us determine priorities, and to plan repairs, replacements and reserve fund expenditures going forward.

Landscaping Committee Underway:  The new Landscape Committee conducted two walkthroughs of the community over the past month, and developed a detailed list, by zone, of issues that require attention.  The 178 items in the list were categorized as either:  within the scope of the existing contract with Highlands (67%);  items that will be addressed by the Committee - likely in the spring (13%);  issues with trees that will be bid out to tree companies (10%);  work that’s within the scope of our janitorial contact (4%); and the remainder that is TBD.  [This effort will address FIVE projects in the Transformation Evaluation!]

Bicycle Donation:  Thanks to the diligence of Janet Prince, owners of all but three bicycles in the racquetball court were identified, and their invoices are current.  Despite repeated efforts for more than a year to contact the owners of the remaining three bicycles, all of whom have moved away (the owners, not the bicycles), they remained orphans (again, the owners, not the bicycles!).  So those bicycles were donated to the HACA Youth Development organization, where they were gratefully received by the coordinator, Mr Leron Fisher.


Lighting Committee:   The Lighting Committee under Sharon Hobson’s leadership has completed a detailed evaluation of the lighting fixtures in Shearwater, including building fixtures, parking area lights, and landscaping illumination.  This is a much-needed effort, since the quality of lighting in Shearwater was ranked the second-most critical area during the Evaluation.  The Committtee also researched and identified an extensive number of lighting companies and prepared a Request for Quote that MMG has issued.  This is a comprehensive project, covering 3 of the projects in the Transformation Evaluation list – so will involve a number of stages and decision points through completion.  [This project will address THREE Transformation projects!]

Onsite Maintenance/Etc. Feasibility Evaluation: A committee is also evaluating the scope of work and the possibility of finding an onsite person to handle maintenance, oversight of key projects in the community, and potentially other tasks.  John Schaake and other volunteers are evaluating what skills would be needed, availability of qualified candidates, and what savings would be realized to offset the cost.  Once their evaluation is complete, the Board and MMG will work with the committee to determine feasibility.  [This project is in response to TWO Transformation projects.]


As an overview, 20 of the 30 Transformation projects are either completed or in progress.  From a financial standpoint, 11 are covered by the reserve fund, and 7 are covered by existing budgets & contracts.  The remaining 2 will to be evaluated once more information is available.
There are other projects pending (see the Volunteers section of the newsletter), but we’ve made excellent progress in just a few months since the Transformation Evaluation came out in the first quarter this year.  Once the above projects are completed, we’ll have addressed two-thirds of the items identified by residents and realtors as negatively affecting property values as well as buyer & visitor impressions of our Shearwater.

Looking forward to finishing these up and working with you on the next batch of projects! 

Happy Fall!



A summary of project status is included below:

Replacing & numbering of mailboxes A Eric Petterson, MMG No
Parking lot repair, resealing, replacing parking stops, paining lines D, G, Q, Z Maryan Cummins No
Redesiging the kayak rack L David Densmore, Marina Committee No
Repairing & repainting damaged siding & trim P, R MMG No
Updating all lighting on buildings, in parking areas and in landscaping B, F, K Sharon Hobson, John Schaake, Larry Birch, Theresa Wellman No
Investigating feasibility of an onsite maintenance person W, X John Schaake, Phil Meredith, Larry Birch,  Scott Ligon No
Evaluate consistent approach to unit maintenance and power-washing decks & timbers S, CC MMG & Board No
Evaluate approach for unit owner painting of front doors U MMG & Board No
Landscaping improvements C, E, H, N, T Maryan Cummings, Sharon McInnis, Karen Van Evans, Cheri Hall Yes
ON HOLD      
Replacing all Shearwater signs O TBD Yes
Setting up a grilling & picnic site Y TBD Yes
Investigating options for the racquetball/ community building I TBD Yes
Redoing/replacing the oyster shell paths V TBD Yes

*   Refer to the Transformation Project Listing (click the icon at the top of this page) for the descriptions for each project code

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Message To New Owners and Tenants

Welcome to Shearwater

Whether you are a renter or an owner, we extend a warm welcome to you.

You can find a wealth of information about Shearwater on this website, including information about how to contact the property manager (Metropolitan Management, 1-410-508-3819); copies of association By-Laws, Rules and Regulations and other key documents; a list of reliable resources; information about the marina, dinghies and kayaks; answers to Frequently Asked Questions; and a wealth of other tips."

For a complete list of Shearwater Rules and Regulations, see the Metropolitan Management section of this website. There are a few rules that may not be obvious but can go a long way toward being a good neighbor. Most have to do with parking, trash disposal, and the marina. Please make yourself familiar with the following rules, and take the time to review the complete regulations on the website.

1. A maximum of 2 cars per unit may be registered with property management using the Parking Registration Form and submitting the required supporting documents. The sticker must be displayed on the lower left corner of the back window.
2. If you are a renter, the owner or you must submit a copy of the lease along with the Parking Registration Form and the required supporting documents for your car.
3 Parking is head-in only.
4 Guests must park in guest slots only.
5 Violators will be towed after a warning.


1. There are 2 dumpster locations; one next to the main entry gate off Boucher and one near the Mitchell Street gate. Trash pickup is every Tuesday morning.
2. If the trash containers near the Mitchell Street exist are full, please put the trash in the regular or recycle dumpsters next to the main gate. DO NOT leave any trash on the ground.
3. All boxes must be first broken down and then put into the recycling dumpster.
4. Please push trash bags toward the back of the dumpsters. If the areas in back of the sliding side doors are full, lift the top and put the bag toward the back of the dumpster. DO NOT leave any trash on the ground.


1 You must contact the dockmaster regarding use of slip, floating dock or kayak rack. David Densmore, Dockmaster 410-268-1539

2 Do not place a boat or kayak in the marina facility even temporarily without contacting the dockmaster.

If you would like to be included in the community directory, email the information to the website coordinator at

Thank you.

Shearwater Condominium Association Board


Reminder on Need for Permits

The City of Annapolis reminds owners who are contemplating interior renovations to their condo unit, that a building permit is required. Typically your contractor would apply for this permission.

Potential Electrical Hazard

bikeSome unit owners have experienced problems with their electrical panels that could be hazardous. If you have breakers that constantly go off or sparking, you should consider getting an electrician or home inspector to look at your panel. It is believed that the problem may be that some of the panels contain an aluminum bracket that is not as safe as newer copper panels.


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