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Hi Folks…

Judging from the temperatures outside and the dense fog this morning, I think Annapolis is finally edging into Winter.  David Densmore, our Shearwater Dockmaster, has installed the de-icers, the marina is winterized, Tina Ligon has seen to it that the pool is closed, and the irrigation system is turned off.
At the first 2017 Condo Association meeting on Tuesday, 25 January, I gave a quick update on the status of the Transformation projects in our community.   For those of you who could not attend, we’ve made the following progress -- out of the total of 30 projects:

  • 7 projects are completed (including our beautiful new mailboxes & parking area)
  • 16 projects are in progress (see some updates below)
  • A total of 77% are either completed or in progress

That’s amazing progress in less than a year, thanks to all the dedicated volunteers who made this possible.
Quick updates:

  • Shearwater Lighting Project:  the Lighting Committee, chaired by Sharon Hobson, has created a scope of work and a Request for Proposals to review all building, parking and landscape lighting throughout the community.  They also researched lighting designers and conducted several reference interviews so the RFP could be sent out for bid.  The selected company is developing an analysis of light placement, fixtures, brightness, etc., and will forward it to the Committee.  They’ll review the report, get community input, and forward their recommendations to the Board.
  • Onsite Person Feasibility Committee:  John Schaake gave an update on the progress made by the committee investigating the feasibility of having a dedicated person onsite to handle maintenance, provide quality control for contractor work, and help coordinate onsite project efforts.  The cost will be partially offset by savings in several areas of the expense budget.  The Committee will continue to work with MMG to refine the scope, responsibilities and requirements of the position, investigate possible resources to find someone qualified to meet those requirements, review potential costs & cost offsets, and present a recommendation to the BOD for a vote to authorize the funds required.
  • Grounds Contract:  the Landscaping Committee did a walkthrough of the entire community in July, listing 110+ items needing attention (e.g. trimming, pruning, weeding, removal of dead bushes and ivy, etc.).  This list was forwarded by MMG to the grounds maintenance contractor so the items could be addressed.  When the committee did a second walkthrough at the end of October, fewer than 1% of the items had been addressed.  Highlands indicated they would do this work during their November cleanup.  MMG is awaiting the update from Highlands that the work is done, and then will review.
  • Gutter Cleaning:  MMG is getting bids from 3 companies for cleaning all gutters in the next few weeks, including minor repairs of gutters & drain pipes.
  • Snow Removal:  contract for this winter is being negotiated and will be similar to last year’s contract, with the addition of orange stakes to mark curbs & grass which will hopefully reduce damage to grassy areas and our new parking stops.
  • Siding Repairs:  North Arundel County has been selected to do siding repairs identified during inspections throughout the community, along with issues identified via work orders.  Work will begin in the next few weeks.
  • Unit Door Painting:  per the Duty to Maintain amendment to the Shearwater By-Laws, painting the front door is a unit owner responsibility;  many owners have done this already (the paint specifications are in the Architectural Guidelines document on the Shearwater website).    MMG is obtaining bids from contractors for those owners who would prefer to take advantage of a bulk rate.

The Board has set up the schedule for 2017 meetings:  they will occur on in January, March, April (Annual Meeting), May, July, September and November.  The link to the schedule is posted on the ‘Home’ page of the Shearwater website, and was posted on the notice boards in early January.

Wishing you all a Happy & Healthy New Year!



A summary of project status is included below:

Replacing & numbering of mailboxes A Eric Petterson, MMG No
Parking lot repair, resealing, replacing parking stops, paining lines D, G, Q, Z Maryan Cummins No
Redesiging the kayak rack L David Densmore, Marina Committee No
Repairing & repainting damaged siding & trim P, R MMG No
Updating all lighting on buildings, in parking areas and in landscaping B, F, K Sharon Hobson, John Schaake, Larry Birch, Theresa Wellman No
Investigating feasibility of an onsite maintenance person W, X John Schaake, Phil Meredith, Larry Birch,  Scott Ligon No
Evaluate consistent approach to unit maintenance and power-washing decks & timbers S, CC MMG & Board No
Evaluate approach for unit owner painting of front doors U MMG & Board No
Landscaping improvements C, E, H, N, T Maryan Cummings, Sharon McInnis, Karen Van Evans, Cheri Hall Yes
ON HOLD      
Replacing all Shearwater signs O TBD Yes
Setting up a grilling & picnic site Y TBD Yes
Investigating options for the racquetball/ community building I TBD Yes
Redoing/replacing the oyster shell paths V TBD Yes

*   Refer to the Transformation Project Listing (click the icon at the top of this page) for the descriptions for each project code

winter shearwater


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Message To New Owners and Tenants

Welcome to Shearwater

Whether you are a renter or an owner, we extend a warm welcome to you.

You can find a wealth of information about Shearwater on this website, including information about how to contact the property manager (Metropolitan Management, 1-410-508-3819); copies of association By-Laws, Rules and Regulations and other key documents; a list of reliable resources; information about the marina, dinghies and kayaks; answers to Frequently Asked Questions; and a wealth of other tips."

For a complete list of Shearwater Rules and Regulations, see the Metropolitan Management section of this website. There are a few rules that may not be obvious but can go a long way toward being a good neighbor. Most have to do with parking, trash disposal, and the marina. Please make yourself familiar with the following rules, and take the time to review the complete regulations on the website.

1. A maximum of 2 cars per unit may be registered with property management using the Parking Registration Form and submitting the required supporting documents. The sticker must be displayed on the lower left corner of the back window.
2. If you are a renter, the owner or you must submit a copy of the lease along with the Parking Registration Form and the required supporting documents for your car.
3 Parking is head-in only.
4 Guests must park in guest slots only.
5 Violators will be towed after a warning.


1. There are 2 dumpster locations; one next to the main entry gate off Boucher and one near the Mitchell Street gate. Trash pickup is every Tuesday morning.
2. If the trash containers near the Mitchell Street exist are full, please put the trash in the regular or recycle dumpsters next to the main gate. DO NOT leave any trash on the ground.
3. All boxes must be first broken down and then put into the recycling dumpster.
4. Please push trash bags toward the back of the dumpsters. If the areas in back of the sliding side doors are full, lift the top and put the bag toward the back of the dumpster. DO NOT leave any trash on the ground.


1 You must contact the dockmaster regarding use of slip, floating dock or kayak rack. David Densmore, Dockmaster 410-268-1539

2 Do not place a boat or kayak in the marina facility even temporarily without contacting the dockmaster.

If you would like to be included in the community directory, email the information to the website coordinator at

Thank you.

Shearwater Condominium Association Board


Reminder on Need for Permits

The City of Annapolis reminds owners who are contemplating interior renovations to their condo unit, that a building permit is required. Typically your contractor would apply for this permission.

Potential Electrical Hazard

bikeSome unit owners have experienced problems with their electrical panels that could be hazardous. If you have breakers that constantly go off or sparking, you should consider getting an electrician or home inspector to look at your panel. It is believed that the problem may be that some of the panels contain an aluminum bracket that is not as safe as newer copper panels.


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